Pamela J. Perkins, Certified Weight & Wellness Coach

Seven Steps To Replacing Old Behaviors

Here it is! The start of a New Year! Out with the “old” and in with the “new” …Behaviors, that is!  But how to begin?

I remember a client I worked with many years ago who struggled with just that issue; the feelings of being overwhelmed and of anxiety that starting anything “new” can hold. As she started to place one foot in front of the other, she realized that yes, the start of the change process can be scary and make you feel unsure, but it can be (and always is!) fresh and new and full of possibility.

Consider the Seven Steps outlined below.  Allow yourself the time necessary to answer them thoughtfully.

  1. Based on what you want, choose your first goal.  What is it?
  2. Make your goal (and its roots) matter to you.  What is it?
  3. Seek options.  What are they?
  4. Find resources.  What is available to you?
  5. Make a plan.  What do you want to do?
  6. Use the resources to follow the plan.  How?
  7. Repeat with your next goal.

When you are stuck, it is typical to feel you are without hope, belief or resources. Often the act of sorting out what you really want, if only in a single part of your life (weight management and healthy, balanced living), will build on itself to point you toward what you need.

Still feeling stuck?  Need additional resources?  This would be a good time to consider your “motivation meter” and use the goal setting worksheet.

Here’s to the health you create in 2013.  It really is in your hands!

Holiday & Vacation Planning Worksheet

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